Saturday, March 28, 2009

March Brackets

First of all I don't care anything about college basketball. This post has nothing to do with NCAA brackets, but I heard on the radio today about book tournaments and decided that my wife and I should have one. Here's how it will work: We each pick four books that neither of us has read. We pair them off into brackets (seeding them based on our estimation of how much we will like them). We each read our four books and declare winners in each of the matches. Then we read each other's two winners and declare winners from those matches, bringing it down to two books, and we will be left to duke it out over which one was best.

So here are the brackets. For my division we have in the first round:

The Mysterious Benedict Society (my top seed)




The White Stag


Noah's Garden.

In my wife's division we have:

Uncle Tom's Cabin (my wife's top seed)




The Tao of Physics


The Pilgrim's Progress

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Evelyn said...

This isn't related to your bracket, but it is related to a post from many months ago. A couple days ago Jon and I had build-your-own spring roll night. It was really fun, although it might be a little much with four kids, just because the wrappers are a little fussy to deal with. I had julienned carrots, apples, kohlrabi (kind of tastes like cabbage), and cucumber, along with matchsticks of "dry-fried" tofu (I just cooked them over medium heat in a non-stick pan with no water or oil until they got a little brown and chewy), bean sprouts, baby lettuce leaves, and a herbs from the container garden I recently started. I used Thai basil, regular basil, cilantro, and mint. (Obviously, you can add any other chopped fruits and veggies you want.) To assemble, you soak one wrapper in warm water (it should be the temperature of hot tap water; it was easiest for me to leave it on the stove in a wide skillet on low heat) until it's pretty pliable. Then spread it on a plate, put some fillings in, and roll it up like a burrito. If you let it sit for very long at all, it sticks to itself, so you have to work quickly. You can make or buy some simple sauces for dipping. I also made hot and sour soup and had some leftover mung beans in coconut milk from a Moosewood book. If your other build-your-owns are getting stale, you might want to try it.


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