Sunday, April 12, 2009

Colored Eggs

When I was a kid there was a game we played with the neighborhood kids. I always thought that it was a standard kid game played by everyone, but recently my sister told me that no one she knows from outside of our neighborhood has heard of it. So I wonder if anyone else has played this game. It's called Colored Eggs and here is how it goes: One person is the Big Bad Wolf. The other players sit on the front porch. Each player (save the Big Bad Wolf) secretly chooses a color. When everyone is ready this dialog begins:

BBW: Knock, knock.
Others: Whose there?
BBW: The Big Bad Wolf.
O: What do you want?
BBW: Colored egss.
O: What color?

At which point the Big Bad Wolf names a color. Anyone who had chosen that color immediately jumps up and runs around the house. The Big Bad Wolf chases the runner. If the runner gets back to the porch before being caught he or she is safe. If the runner gets caught by the Big Bad Wolf, then the runner becomes the new Big Bad Wolf. If no one jumps up to run, then the Big Bad Wolf continues to call out colors until someone's color is chosen. Note that multiple people may have chosen the same color in which case, they all run.

Colored Eggs was a source of long and heated debates, usually centered around what could or could not be chosen as one's color: Is bubble gum a color? Are you allowed to choose periwinkle as a color? Is green-yellow the same as yellow-green? Our canonical reference of allowable colors became the Crayola 120-count crayon box. If I remember correctly bubble gum is not allowed, periwinkle is, and green-yellow is different than yellow-green.

Have you heard of this game before?


Mama Spud said...

I have not heard of that game. Of course I was traumatized at an Easter egg hunt at a very young age, so I avoided Easter games :)
Darn Easter bullies!

tami said...

Different name and slightly different rules, but essentially the same. We played Shark in the pool. When your color was called, you swam across the pool. The shark stood outside the pool and jumped in to get you.

Sunnie said...

Never heard of it but it sounds fun.

Lura said...

I thougt it was a standard kid game, too. But Andy informed me that it's not. But it's a great game! I often chose periwinkle.

Marie said...

periwinkle was a great one, until the other neightbor kids found out about it. Jamie left out a part of the game. if no one jumped up to run when the wolf called say, "red", the other players would say "red, red, wet the bed." I can't remeber the ryhms for any of the other colors.


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