Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ice Bike!

I have a goal for 2010: to not commute to work by car at all. I had the same goal in 2009. I drove my car to work three times last year. This year I am determined that I'll make it.

Coming into the year has been trial by fire. Not only am I taking a three week class that is more than twice my normal commute distance away (10 miles one-way rather than 4), but we have also been hit with major snow storm after major snow storm. Those two things in isolation wouldn't be a big deal. Neither combined would they be huge were it not for one aggravating factor. A good mile and a half of my current commute (the longer ten-mile one) is along a bike path and NOBODY CLEARS THE SNOW FROM THE BIKE PATH. (In fact, in some places snow is cleared onto the path.)

Maybe it's true that I am the only one bonkers enough to be using the path in this weather, but if we are going to be serious about offering alternative means of transportation, well then let's take it seriously and clear the bike paths.

One more week of class. One more week of snow in the forecast. One more week of me being determined to not give in.


Lura said...

Wow, you must be REALLY determined! Good for you. I think it is awesome that you are doing this. Too bad nobody clears the bike trails! You should write to the city (or whoever should be doing it).

Tami said...

Awesome pic! I still think you are crazy, but impressed.

Queen of the Castle said...

It isn't worth it for the city or who ever to use the man power to clear it. The snow usually melts in with in a week. They don't even clear the side walks on the way to the school, kids are walking on ice to school right now. And it is only going to get worse with the snow that we are expecting this weekend.

Evelyn said...

You're very dedicated! It sounds like if you make it through this week nothing should get in your way! And thanks for the bookmark. There's nothing like mail that isn't an ad or a bill to make me smile.


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