Tuesday, December 8, 2009

#11 Jalapeno Peppers, Green Peppers, Bar-B-Q Sauce: A Cheeseburger Review

Now here is a burger with a taste the size of Texas! (How's that for a cheesy review?) But seriously, the bar-b-q sauce and the green peppers set the Southwestern tone of this cheeseburger and jalapeno peppers were the right thing to go with that. So, yes, I have my same complaint that jalapenos pack a bit too much heat for me. But whoever put this sandwich together didn't go overboard with the jalapenos. Once again, I was surprised. A very tasty burger (much better than #7, which was the same as this burger only with mustard substituted for bar-b-q sauce).

Three guys out of five guys.

Let me explain that the "green pepper" is of course green bell pepper. It drives me nuts that food establishments like to call green bell peppers just "green peppers": As if that were enough of a description. Ever notice that almost all peppers are green when they are not ripe? (And, by the way, no peppers are green when they are ripe.)

(See How to Eat an Equilateral Cheeseburger for an explanation of my research program.)

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Lura said...

This one sounds good!


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