Wednesday, August 12, 2009

#1 Mayo, Relish, Onions: A Cheeseburger Review

I plan to eat 455 cheeseburgers over the course of the next 19 years, all from a national burger chain that offers 15 toppings. Each cheeseburger will have a different selection of three of those toppings. See these two posts: Two Problems in Elementary Cheeseburger Theory and How to Eat an Equilateral Cheeseburger for the math behind the endeavor. The point is to determine what combination of three toppings is the tastiest. So I will review each burger here after I eat it.

Cheeseburger #1: Mayo, Relish, Onions

The relish is sweet relish, of which I am not a fan. In fact I usually say that I hate sweet relish. But still this was a good burger. The onion and relish set each other off well, and mayo makes everything better. By the end I had had too much of the sweetness, but I can't complain. This is definitely not the best three-topping-cheeseburger. Probably not in the top half, but not at the bottom either. Not a cheeseburger I ever would have tried were it not for my little experiment, and I'm glad for the experience of eating it.

Two and a half guys out of five guys.


Evelyn said...

Only 182 more cheeseburgers with sweet relish to go!

Jamie said...

Hurray! Fortunately sweet relish is the only topping on the list that I don't like and as this burger proved, I can tolerate it well. Before eating this burger I wasn't sure if it was sweet or dill relish that they serve.

Evelyn said...

I double-counted and forgot to subtract the one you already ate. How embarrassing! I think you actually only have 90 (14*13/2-1) relish burgers to go. I like sweet relish in a few very specific situations, such as potato salad, egg salad or deviled eggs, and sometimes on a hot dog. (You need something to cover up the wretched veggie hot dog taste.)


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