Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Toad Abode

Bailey read about making a habitat for a toad in our zoo's newsletter. It sounded pretty easy, so I told him that if he earned enough money to buy the materials then he could do it. It turns out that the materials (a four inch clay pot and a clay saucer) only cost about $1.50

First Bailey painted the pot and saucer. He wanted to paint it to look like rocks and grass.

He had me write on it with a marker. I wrote "Toad Abode" on the pot. The saucer is supposed to provide a place for the toad to soak, so I wrote "Toad's Tub" on it.

The we laid the pot on it's side and half-buried it in a shady spot.

Bailey will make sure that the tub is full of water every day.

It turns out that Bailey can see the Toad Abode through his window from his bed.

Now we are just waiting for a toad to move in. We have had toads in our yard before, so we think that eventually one will come to live in the abode, but I don't know how long it will take.

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