Sunday, July 6, 2014


This is the part where I'm supposed to invite non-Mormons to take a look at the Book or Mormon. I've never been great at this. Let me just say that if you're curious at looking into a uniquely American foundational religious text, the Book of Mormon is an obvious candidate.

On a more personal note, we Mormons have entered a bit of rough water*, or at least from my viewpoint we have -- maybe circumstances aren't really all that different than they have ever been. In any case, I believe that Mormonism has a bright future, but it'll take some work to get us there as we plow into the 21st century. If your heart is so inclined we'd love to have you jump aboard this ship, grab an oar, and help us move ahead. #sharethebook #calledtoshare #mormon #lds

*This is pretty much what I had planned to say when I first conceived this post a few days before the news about Kate Kelly and John Dehlin broke on June 11. After June 11 circumstances are even more so.

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