Sunday, March 16, 2014

If God Had Wanted us to Have 24 Gears... (rerun)

[I decided I would try to do a church-related post each Sunday. (We'll see how long I keep it up.) This one is a cheat since it's a rerun of a post originally written June 30, 2009. Here's a link to the original post.]
The Church I belong to has a program called home teaching. Basically it goes like this: Everybody in the Church is given the job of visiting somebody (or multiple somebodies) else in the Church each month to deliver a brief (some people forget that part) spiritual message and see if the family or individual needs help with anything (such as moving a tree or driving across the Country; Those are actually both things that my home teachers have helped me with in the past).

Anyway, you get the idea. There is a grand tradition known as procrastination. The rules say visit your people every month. So which day of the month do you think those visits actually happen on? ...and today is? tonight I was doing? ...Yes! You guessed it: Home teaching.

A little more set up for the story is in order.

Early this month my family and I went on vacation. I had to come back for work (I only have so much leave), but my family stayed on vacation. We drove out. I flew back. Which makes me car free for at least two weeks (hurray!).

So tonight, I set out on my bike under a beautiful sunny sky. I visited two families. Shared a simple message about prayer. Then I was back on the street on my fixie. There's nothing like spreading the Word on a fixed gear: "One Lord, one faith, one baptism, one gear." Or however the scripture goes.

Ah the exhilaration: speeding home down a roadway, getting caught in a cloud burst and merging across lanes of thick traffic on an old-school bike.

If God had wanted us to have 24 gears on a bike, for that matter if He had wanted us to drive those big steel boxes around (what do you call them? Oh, yeah: cars) he wouldn't have made it so enlivening to get where you're going on a fixed gear...just my opinion.

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