Sunday, February 5, 2012

#3 Hikaru no Go: Descent of the Go Master

Hikaru no Go: Descent of the Go Master, Vol. 1 (Hikaru no Go, #1)Hikaru no Go: Descent of the Go Master, Vol. 1 by Yumi Hotta

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

My first manga. Let's just say I don't see a lot of manga in my future. So cheesy! Also, the main character is this hot-headed, angsty adolescent. Reminds me of that twit Harry Potter. But, I'm mildly interested in go these days, and these books are super quick to read, so I'll likely continue with the series.

Reading right to left was pretty easy to get used to. The thing I'm having a hard time getting used to is the ghost of the ancient go master in the story: It's just hard for me to imagine this character with long hair, full lips, ear rings, a petite up-turned nose, delicate smooth features, and hearts in the thought bubbles as a male...oh well.

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