Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice Bike 2011

My old foul-weather bike died. It had lasted longer than it was meant to and several things failed on the same day: brakes, shifter, spokes. Other components were shot and would have to have been replaced (headset, drive train). So I tossed it and that very night bought a new bike that I found on a local listing:

So that's my new ice bike. Some things you will want on an ice bike:

1. Good lights (front and back)

2. Reflectors also

3. Full coverage fenders (front and back). I added these myself. I think the shiny aluminum goes with the look of the bike well.

4. A mud flap (at least on the front fender). This one is leather. Put as much leather on your bike as you can.

5. A dose of caution. Even so you are going to take the occasional spill. If you are cautious those spills will be at low speed and your pride will be hurt more than anything. Here is a small tear in my wind-pants due to a fall I took right in front of an onlooker. He gave me the thumbs-up. A little duct tape will fix the tear.

6. The right attitude. The weather always seems worse from inside. Once you're out in it you're usually fine, if you're prepared. (Keywords: usually and if)

Have fun out there!


Lura said...

Jamie, you are a brave soul.

Marie said...

Go Ice Biker, Go!


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