Thursday, December 25, 2008

Obfiscated Santa Signatures

Every Christmas Eve I leave at least a couple of notes from Santa for my family. Part of the tradition that is becoming a bit of a game is how I sign the notes. I usually don't write out "Santa Claus." Instead, I abbreviate, for example S. C. More recently I have been obfiscating the signature. For instance, this year I left two notes and each had a post script also with signatures. That's four signatures and here are the ones that I used:

F. X.

K. K. & D. D. P. V. C. C. D. B. + R.

J. O. St. N.

S. C.

My family got them all too fast (at least my wife did). Next year I will have to do harder ones. Maybe I'll have to use other languages (other alphabets would be fun). This is going to take some research. . .

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