Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Serious Parenting

Now that we have four kids, my wife and I are getting serious about parenting. OK, I hope that we have always been serious about parenting, but the other day two parenting books that we ordered online arrived in the mail.

We are trying to read them together (which is not always easy with our schedules). We are also discussing things we need to improve, work on, and plan for. Here are some of our ideas from our discussion today:
-Tune in the classical music station for at least 30 minutes each day.
-Get our kids on a regular bathing schedule.
-Make chore charts, so that at least the parents agree on what chores are supposed to be done and by whom.
Like I said, these were just a few ideas we had today. Some of our long-term ideas include:
-Buy a piano, so the kids can learn to play (even though neither of us parents plays).
-Put a chalkboard in our kitchen. There are so many times that we are discussing something at the dinner table and an illustration could help immensely. Plus we can put up scriptures-of-the-week and math puzzles for the family to think about!

We have all kinds of other ideas, but many of them are bound to change before they ever get implimented. I think the important thing is to put the requisite time and energy into parenting instead of being side-tracked by less important things.


Michael said...

Nice thoughts. I'm always having to give myself a gently kick in the pants to get me out of thinking that it's "not time yet" to start doing certain parenting-type things. FHE comes to mind. Engaging my oldest on a more intellectual plane is another.

Another thing of yours that resonated with me is classical music. I have been trying to quietly play through one classical album at every Sunday dinner. I think they're a little young to appreciate it now, but hopefully they will remember it when they are least that's where my love of classical music springs from.

Lura said...

I like the idea of listening to classical music. I think we'll start listening to it every day at lunch time (we're listening right now)! Thanks for the idea.


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