Saturday, November 15, 2008


Today I hung up some wall maps. In the stairwell leading up to our top floor with the bedrooms we now have a map of the world, North America and the United States. We decided that we should do this so that our kids don't grow up thinking that Africa is a country or that Alaska is an island somewhere in the South Pacific.

Tonight I also removed my old headset from my bike. Got some good picks of doing it. I'll blog about it another day.


Michael said...

Something I may consider, once my kids are older and somewhat familiar with the world map, is also including an upside-down map, or some other alternative map.

Jamie said...

I've seen one of these "upside-down" maps before. I hadn't thought of getting one, but now that you bring it up, it is a really good idea. I remember hearing of a girl in high school who burst into laughter when her teacher showed the class which way the Nile flowed. "How could a river flow UP!?" she asked.


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