Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's like pulling teeth

Actually it is pulling teeth. I know that the last few days it's been tough to get a decent post out of me and yesterday I didn't post at all, but I do have a good excuse for yesterday: I had two teeth pulled.

A startling emotional roller-coaster ride accompanied the procedure. First there was the nostalgic attachment I felt for the teeth as I sat in the waiting room (nostalgic attachment only since there's no practical reason for wanting to keep these two teeth. They are completely useless. They have failed me...ehh...I mean, I've failed them...), then I made my way into the room where the procedure would take place. I was genuinely pleased to meet the doctor. I shook his hand, smiled at him, but soon he had my mouth wedged open and all kinds of instruments inside. "You're going to hear some cracking now." CRUNCH CRUNCH CRACK CRUNCH. It sure felt like he was going to dislocate my jaw...and the pain! I thought it was supposed to be deadened in there. Is he even pulling the right teeth? Maybe he got mixed up...I'll just keep my eyes closed tight and flail my legs and resist this overwhelming urge to punch the doctor. [I'm censoring some of my more violent thoughts.] Moments later he was telling me that both teeth were out and to bite on some gauze. My chair was being raised to a sitting position and I found myself shaking his hand, genuinely thanking him and trying unsuccessfully to smile, happy to have such a good man for my oral surgeon.


Lura said...
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Lura said...

Maybe that is the closest you will ever get to the emotional roller-coaster of giving birth!
Hope you heal well.

Jamie said...

I hope that it is the closest I ever get to giving birth. I do not envy women.

Arlynda said...

Having experienced both, at least C-sections, I'd take an extraction over having a baby. At least you can get some sleep after you have an extraction!


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