Sunday, November 23, 2008


Having my teeth pulled Monday has given me several large cankers. So it's been hard lately to concentrate on much besides the extreme pain that eating, brushing my teeth, or talking causes. I think that I will call my oral surgeon tomorrow. The problem is, I don't think there's much that can be done for cankers besides wait until they heal themselves.


Lura said...

Cankers are no fun. I hope they heal soon.

Calista said...

That's awful. If you find a solution, let me know. Ryan gets them all the time (and won't eat half of what I make b/c of them).

Slavka said...

Sorry- previous comment was from me (I didn't realize my sister was still logged into her email when I started blog-stalking and commenting)

Jamie said...

Saw the surgeon today, and basically he said that I have to tough it out. There isn't really any way to get rid of cankers, but fortunately they always go away on their own (after about two weeks). He said that these were caused by the physical trauma of the procedure, but sometimes cankers are caused by extreme emotional trauma such as the death of a spouse.

Anyway, I'm going to eat applesauce and cream of wheat for the next week and then it should all be over. One of the worst parts is that it hurts too much for me to be able to kiss my wife or kids. Thank goodness for butterfly kisses. These are definitely the worst cankers I've ever had.

Here's one happy note: as you get older you're supposed to get cankers less. So here are some bonuses of aging:
1-less cankers
2-less colds
3-less allergies
Of course aging can also have some negative side effects (such as death) but at least there are some positives to counter balance things.

mytee sooperox said...

Clove oil is great for cankers. It deadens the pain and does help them to heal faster. Just make sure you get a good quality clove oil, one that's safe to put in your mouth.

Evelyn said...

Janine says putting salt on cankers helps. I would think that would cause extreme pain, but maybe after that pain is over you don't notice the baseline amount of pain.


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