Saturday, August 16, 2008

curly hair and monsters

Seth is doing very well and is supposed to get out of the NICU tomorrow (Sunday) morning. Really he could have gotten out today, but such things always work slower than they should.

Seth has lots of light curly hair. His hair is lighter than that of any of our other kids' was at birth.

Arlynda is off her IV and catheter (she's gonna love these details I'm publishing to the whole world) and is walking, so she was able to go see Seth and hold him and feed him a bottle. They still won't let him nurse (which should change as soon as he's out of the NICU I guess), which means Arlynda is still fighting the breast-pump monster.


lyn said...

Thanks for the pictures! Arlynda looks good - I hope she gets off the pump soon too ... no fun!!

Lura said...

Oh, he is precious! Arlynda really does look good, and I, too hope she doesn't have to battle with the pump monster much longer. You guys make such cute babies. :)

Bill and Mel said...

What sweet pictures!

Colette said...

He is such a cute baby! Arlynda looks great especially after all she's been through and is still going through. Good luck!!


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