Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wildlife Refuge

On July 4th weekend we visited a local National Wildlife Refuge. It was very nearly a perfect day for it. It was overcast and sprinkled a tiny bit, but not enough to get us wet. It was not hot at all, but it wasn't cold at all either. We hiked two short trails, one along the river and one climbing up into the forest. Happily, we didn't see anyone else on the trails.

When it was time to turn around, and hike back to our car, Lucy refused to go quietly. Arlynda had to pick her up and carry her (she loves hiking).

Until this trip I had been feeling sorry for myself. In our hometown there was literally more hiking than could be done in a lifetime within a twenty minute drive. That isn't true here. But now we have found a place that is close to our home, and offers enough hiking to keep us busy for quite a while.

We'll definitely be back to visit the Wildlife Refuge again.

1 comment:

Marie said...

I'm glad you found a nice place like that.


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