Sunday, May 25, 2008


Our friends Tami and Peter gave us a going-away present. Aquaretto!It's a great board game. So far I've played it with my wife, Peter and Tami and on a different occasion with my two older kids. This game is the next in a line of games, the previous of which we also own (it was given to us by my sister, Marie) which is called Zooloretto:
Zooloretto won the German Game of the Year award, which is probably the most prestigious award that a board game can win. The Game of the Year award is also usually reserved for a game that is pretty family friendly, rather than a more hard-core gamer type game. That's great for us. We love board games, but we aren't hard-core.

These are both great games. The basic idea is that each player is trying to build a zoo (or aquarium) and make it as good as possible. Come over and play with us sometime!

We hope that Michael Schacht continues to design games in the blank-a-retto line. Some ideas that my family has are Farmoretto (maybe you could earn some money by selling eggs, milk, wool, etc.), Dinoretto, Bugaretto or Insectoretto. Abby likes the idea of Caterpillaretto (maybe you could collect caterpillars and over time they would develop into butterflies). Maybe even Gardeneretto.


Lura said...

These games look fun. I would love to play them with you sometime.

Sunnie said...

How about homemakerretto, oh wait I play that game every day, nevermind.

Arlynda said...

That might be kinda funny. I bet stay home moms would think it was great! Especially if you went at it from a sarcastic point of view. If I'm ever in YW I might try to throw one together for an activity night. I'll give you credit for the idea if I end up selling it to Deseret Book.

Sunnie said...

If you throw one together, I want to play it. Even if I play it every day.

Colette said...

After your review, I bought Zooloretto for our famiy. It is a lot of fun! I like that it is a short game. (Some of our other games take days to play). The kids love it as well! Thanks again for the review.

P.S. I'm all for homemakerretto! When Arlynda develops it, please send one along to me!


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