Monday, February 4, 2008

New-Year's-Eve-O Claus

While I'm on the subject of New Year's Eve I thought I should bring up the legend of New-Year's-Eve-O Claus. New-Years-Eve-O Claus is the lesser know sister to Santa Claus. She lives at the South Pole and visits homes on New Year's Eve delivering pizza in a sleigh pulled by penguins. Whereas Santa Claus will only come when everyone is in bed and asleep, New-Year's-Eve-O Claus will only come when everyone is awake (everyone over the age of 3, that is). You see Santa Claus knows that everyone will recognize him and so he makes sure that he is never seen. New-Year's-Eve-O Claus is often seen, but almost never recognized. Also, whereas most adults do not believe in Santa Claus, but most kids do; most kids don't believe in New-Year's-Eve-O Claus (just ask one!), but almost all adults do.

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